Vol. 108 2024 No. 1 (Jan/Feb)

Ben-Bochnowski- Chairman IBA FEATURE

Chairman’s Report

With each new year, the IBA builds on the growing foundation laid by leaders and volunteers alike who have made this incredible association all that it is today. It’s my honor to lead the IBA for its 127th year.

My predecessor, Jamie, is passionate about political engagement. I want to thank him for the fantastic work he did in that area, leaving us on solid ground as we head into this year’s short legislative session at the Statehouse. Read more from Dax Denton and Ross Teare about what to expect on that front on page 23 of this issue.

Our continued success, not just in grassroots advocacy, is dependent upon engaging the next generation of bankers and collaborating with them to serve members in new ways. I plan to work with the Future Leadership Division’s President and Vice President for 2024, Michael J. Clampitt and Amanda Morris-Feldman, and other key next-generation leaders in our industry on how we can promote new opportunities for growth.

I will also work with the rest of the board to ensure the successful implementation of our current three-year strategic plan as we enter its final year and set up a seamless transition to what comes next. Find a copy of our current strategic plan at

Unfortunately, analysts are predicting a rough year for banking. The American Bankers Association’s Economic Advisory Committee’s Credit Conditions Index predicted in late September that credit quality and availability would weaken through the end of 2023 and into the beginning of this year; in November, Forbes predicted a “boring, yet dangerous” 2024 for banks; and Reuters predicted that the global economy will manage to avoid a recession but is still likely to slow down this year. As questions continue to hang over our industry, I want to maintain strong and efficient financial leadership for our Association so the IBA can focus as many resources as possible toward serving our member banks.

Thank you in advance to the directors and senior leadership team at Peoples Bank for helping pick up the slack this year as I travel the state as IBA Chair, and to my wife, Emma, for her support in all things. I appreciate the vote of confidence that each and every member gave in voting for my chairmanship this year.

Please join me as we continue to push the IBA into another year of advocacy for our industry, relevancy for our members and support for our communities.

An advocate for fostering a positive work culture, Bochnowski actively engages in bank-wide activities. Here, he is seen donning a Peoples Bank chevron-themed costume while distributing Halloween treats to employees, as well as participating in the bank’s inaugural Executive Cookie Decorating Contest during the holiday season. 

(Photos courtesy of Peoples Bank, Munster)