Vol. 108 2024 Issue 3 (may/June)

Associate Members’ Corner

Associate Members’ Corner

ICBA CRA Solutions / Memphis, TN

CRA Partners – a Preferred Service Provider of the Indiana Bankers Association and a division of the Independent Community Bankers of America operated by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee – has rebranded to ICBA CRA Solutions in conjunction with ICBA’s overarching rebrand that has been taking effect since Nov. 1, 2023. As CRA modernization is underway, the company’s expansion into new areas, including CRA training and education, CRA support services and a peer group for CRA professionals (The CRA Collaborative), is well-described by the Solutions part of the name, as well as the tagline “Powering Community Reinvestment.” The organization will continue to offer programs that earn community banks CRA credit through the support of their Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation, as it has done for over 20 years. Staff and ownership remain unchanged.

PWCAMPBELL / Pittsburgh

Cody Taymore has joined the company as regional vice president for Michigan and Indiana. Taymore is a sales professional with nine years of experience as a financial and investment consultant.

New Associate Members

Hokanson Companies Inc.
Chris M. Horsley, (317) 633-6300

Hokanson Companies Inc. provides full-service commercial real estate solutions, including brokerage development, construction management, property management, maintenance and accounting.

Stephens Inc.
Ted Rosinus, (312) 292-5778

The Stephens Inc. senior depository banking team provides expert market intelligence, advisory and execution services while aligning with clients as partners and not competitors. The company understands the depository space and is highly active with a wide range of private and public companies that come for everything from initial public offerings and private placements to mergers and acquisitions.

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