Vol. 108 2024 Issue 3 (may/June)

Vantage Viewpoint

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One of the many things that I love about my job is how easy it is to show you exactly how well your Association is doing year after year with our annual Member Benefits Report.

Bankers took advantage of more education last year, with a 7% increase in the total number of bankers who attended IBA education opportunities and a 19% increase in education revenue for the Association. A huge thank-you to all the supervisors who invested in their bankers, to the IBA professional staff and volunteers who made those events happen, and to all our members for your continued support and engagement. Special recognition goes to our associate members for supporting our events and other programming at such a generous level that we have been able to hold IBA’s dues structure to be one of the lowest of any state bankers association in the nation.

The charts below show how the IBA continues to spend relatively little on office management and administration, instead spending the bulk of our investments on member benefits from education and events to communications and government relations. You can find a more detailed breakdown of what the Association provided in the full 2023 report. We’ll also have printed copies available at many of our in-person events throughout the rest of the year, including our Regional Meetings later this year.

If the Association can ever be an added resource to you, reach out to anyone on staff. I look forward to this time next year when we’re celebrating an incredible 2024

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