Vol. 108 2024 Issue 2 (Mar/Apr)

Still the Resource for Print & Office Supplies … But Now So Much More

The team at Spry can assist as you move forward to enhance your image and optimize the client’s view of every aspect of your bank.

Today’s world is all about brand and messaging. While those are crucial to the recognition of your bank, so are printed materials, office supplies and workflow necessities. As much as we try to become more automated and paperless, some physical items are still needed. Spry is here to assist you with ALL these areas in a one-stop, streamlined offering.

The founders of Spry, an IBA Preferred Service Provider, built the company on the importance of meeting customer needs. Serving banks since 1986, Spry has prided itself on quality product offerings and unmatched customer service. In addition to this, Spry has expanded into other offerings to create the opportunity for banks to have a brand optimization partner. Everything a bank offers ties into their brand. Because of this, Spry transitioned their focus to helping banks build, grow and manage their brand with absolute efficiency. By offering solutions that deliver unique qualities and optimal value, they help clients differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Spry continues to provide anything a bank would need in the area of print and office supplies, including letterhead, drive-up envelopes, statement paper, deposit slips, pens, folders, notepads, copy paper and so much more. In addition to these basic offerings, they also can assist with promotional items and apparel, having an enormous catalog of the hottest items and coolest apparel. Partnering with Spry for these items will help the bank build a consistent message and determine the smartest spend for the biggest return.

To better serve at a competitive price, Spry has added what they call “everyday office values.” More than 60 often-needed items are stored in Spry’s warehouse and readily available for delivery. Due to this bulk storage and availability, the pricing on these items will compete with any major brands a bank might consider.

The team at Spry would be glad to perform a free full-cost analysis, courtesy of the IBA, to see if there are areas where they can create savings and efficiencies within your bank.

Through their years of experience, Spry determined they could also enhance how a bank tracks and monitors the items being ordered. They added online ordering and automated approval processes while also developing a solution to simplify the month-end cost allocation process for your bank’s accounting team. The efficiencies created by these efforts show that the bank will have a true partner that is looking for ways to cost-effectively simplify the bank’s workflow. These enhancements set Spry apart in the market, extending their customer service levels to new heights.

As bank needs continue to evolve, Spry has worked to meet those changing needs. They added creative marketing services in 2014 to assist banks with various campaigns, providing fresh ideas and the latest trends in marketing while helping banks make disciplined spending decisions that drive business. They have been able to help banks grow their loan and deposit portfolios with various direct mail and online promotional campaigns and have won multiple industry awards for their various successful efforts.

In 2016, Spry expanded their offerings again to include office furniture in their catalog of available products. Your bank’s brand is seen in everything you do and everything you offer, not just the items that have your logo on them. It’s about your branches, your individual office space and the type of furniture you have in those spaces. Are the desks big, dark and traditional? Are the chairs high-back leather? Or is the space light and “current,” with clean, simple lines and furniture that is inviting and says, “I want to talk with you,” rather than, “Not now, I’m busy.” Spry can help you get the right fit to match your bank’s overall brand.

Branding is so much more than just your logo. The team at Spry can assist as you move forward to enhance your image and optimize the client’s view of every aspect of your bank. To learn more about Spry and what they can offer, visit or contact Jeff Williams at or me at or (317) 387-9380.

Rod joined the IBA staff in 2009 after 18 years in banking. He oversees all the Association’s products & services, business practices, member engagement and corporate communications. He also serves as the Association’s CFO and president of two for-profit companies owned by the IBA.

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