Vol. 108 2024 Issue 4 (July/August)

Associate Members’ Corner

Associate Members’ Corner

Compliance Alliance / Austin, TX

Victoria Stephen has been promoted to executive vice president, general counsel at the company’s Compliance Hub. In her time with the company, she has previously managed the hotline and spearheaded webinars, huddles and product development.


PWCampbell / Pittsburgh

Stephen L. Eckert joined the company as marketing director in April. He has 30 years of marketing experience since earning his bachelor’s degree from Grove City College.

New Associate Members

Barry Kurland, (207) 615-3529

Arkatechture provides data management and business intelligence services for banks. Their data analytics platform, Arkalytis, combines a data warehouse, data lake and fully managed services to transform your data strategy into actionable results through integrated banking data systems.

Banc Consulting Partners
Lou Moore, (440) 356-8860

Banc Consulting Partners specializes in the design and ongoing risk management of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) and non-qualified executive and director benefit plans.

Chippewa Valley Bank
Rick Gerber, (866) 282-3501

Chippewa Valley Bank provides fast and easy bank stock and holding stock loans to community banks in the central United States.

Jack Laski, (317) 619-8821

dormakaba offers an unmatched portfolio of safe locks. The dormakaba portfolio covers almost all government, banking, business, transit and personal securing applications with high-security locks, electronic locks and mechanical locks.

GRM Information Management
Toby Davis, (317) 686-5754

GRM Information Management is a leading provider of information management systems with over 35 years of experience. GRM delivers its clients’ services such as digital conversion, advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation and advanced analytics capabilities, as well as a full suite of physical document management services.

Integrated Liquidity Solutions
Alvin Givens, (317) 413-9091

Integrated Liquidity Solutions provides expert guidance and outsourcing to clientele, including banks, fintech companies, PE-owned firms and complex enterprises. The company deploys a customizable process improvement approach, focusing on strategic priorities and core business processes and pain points.

Ed Meier, (847) 917-5656

Mariner helps community banks manage their liquidity and optimize the returns of their investment portfolios. The company is staffed by investment advisors who work on a fee-only basis with a fiduciary duty to act in their clients’ best interests. Make your job easier with Mariner’s objective investment advice, investment portfolio accounting, ALM and liquidity consulting, and more.

Sean Larkin, (317) 306-5948

OnBoard streamlines governance with a secure board portal that features a user-friendly design, intuitive meeting creation tools, insightful analytics and real-time collaboration.

Veritran LLC
Greynier Fuentes, (305) 849-9162

Veritran is a unified digital experience provider that assists community banks in leveling the playing field in technology delivery for customers. The company aggregates all legacy digital access tools and software and presents a fully customized, branded, safe and secure digital experience for retail and business customers.

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