Vol. 108 2024 Issue 2 (Mar/Apr)

2024 Mega Conference

May 6-8, 2024

Join us for the 2024 Mega Conference, May 6-8, 2024 at The Westin Indianapolis & Indiana Convention Center.

Embark on a transformative journey at the 2024 Mega Conference themed “Change, Engage, Evolve: A Journey Through Banking Transformation.” Immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere where change is not just anticipated but embraced, engagement goes beyond transactions, and evolution becomes a strategic imperative. Explore the latest in digital banking, discover the keys to fostering resilience and unravel the secrets to delivering quality customer service. Join forward-thinking discussions on innovative banking products that pave the way for a progressive future.

This conference is your gateway to navigating the winds of change, actively engaging with industry shifts, and evolving toward a future of unparalleled success and adaptability. Register today at!


Coveted Customer Experience: Grow Your Business by Focusing on 3 Things Your Customers Truly Care About

Jay Baer
Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Customer expectations never move backward. They want it right, and they want it right now. Given that customer experience is at least as important as price in most scenarios, getting those interactions perfect has a big impact on your success. You can’t magically get better at every component of customer experience, but you CAN get better at the ingredients that matter most.

This fast-paced, dynamic, inspirational and hilarious presentation backed by real data will show you how to gain and keep more customers by improving on the three things that really matter to them.


Purpose or Perish: Cultivating the Future of Employee Experience

Joshua Evans
Wednesday, May 8, 2024

In the modern world, people face a level of uncertainty that has never been experienced, and it’s significantly impacting our teams and our work. It’s causing people to become overwhelmed, burned out, unfulfilled and lost. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We all started our work from an engaged and purpose-driven place, but after months or years in a role, we lose sight of why we cared so much. We get stuck in the day-to-day minutia, the tasks, functions and responsibilities in our roles. We forget what doing great work means to all those who depend on us.

In this session, leaders will obtain tools for cultivating a unique employee experience, learn how to enhance resilience and eliminate workplace toxicity, discover the secret for finding fulfillment and purpose beyond pay and benefits, and find out how to rediscover, reclaim and reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose.

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